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Back in June 2015, Fairbanks thrift store manager Sue Valdrow had a day she won't forget anytime soon. In what had to be the most exciting morning in the history of secondhand retail, "Two gentleman [sic] came in and asked if we have a bucket with water because there's an eel in [the] parking lot," Valdrow recalled. But instead of finding an eel, employees caught a live lamprey, a jawless vampire fish that hasn't changed much since the prehistoric age.Alaska Department of Fish and GameWell this sucks.And because one fish out of water isn't crazy enough, officials said they'd received three more reports of lampreys falling from the sky around Fairbanks, Armani high heel sandals one of which landed in a guy's yard. According to ADFG sport fish information officer Nancy Sisinyak, the likely culprits leaving these things around town are gulls, which hunt the toothy horrors in the Chena River and likely dropped their catches on the way back to their nests. Because in Alaska, even the gulls are more hardcore.Yet this happened to Bill and Maya Donnelly of Nogales, Arizona. In September 2015, the couple was awakened by a loud crash. Figuring it must be a thunderstorm, they went back to sleep. They only realized they had been wrong the next morning, when they found a massive hole in the roof of their carport oh, and 26 pounds of marijuana underneath it. Turns out they had gotten a visit by Sativa Claus, who'd left $10,000 worth of grade A kush. While weed packages randomly descending from the heavens and landing in your house might not sound so bad, its landing caused "chronic" damage not only to their carport roof, but also to their beloved doghouse. All in all, the unexpected dope delivery cost them about $500 in repairs, not counting their dog's rehab costs.Nogales Police DepartmentThe dog is fine; he's at White Castle. from Mexico. It's not atypical for drug drops to happen in border towns like Nogales, though they usually land in the outskirts near the desert instead of mortar bombing a pooch palace. But before they were done soaking up that famous late spring Philly sunshine, Armani Crazy Ass Things That Fell Out Of The Sky an uninvited guest decided to crash the party and rain on her parade with a shower of actual human feces.Right after the birthday cake had been passed around, the guests noticed that something foul was being bombed into the backyard. It didn't take them long to realize it was shit, raining from the sky like a very immature god's idea of a plague. The next minutes passed by pretty much as you'd imagine. There were tears and cursing, followed by water hoses, followed by the devastating realization that someone else has shit your pants. Shopping Armani With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo #Armani #yupoo Armani #yupoo search #Yupoo handbag #Yupoo bag #yupoo english #free vector