Bally Signs TLC Shows Have Gone From Stupid To Evil

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Bally Signs TLC Shows Have Gone From Stupid To Evil1

Josh Duggar was outed for sexual deviancy when it became clear that he'd been using online cheater site Ashley Madison to meet women and oh sorry, I'm reading from the wrong notes here. He did that, but he also molested several of his younger siblings. Duggar admitted he had touched several of his sisters and a babysitter inappropriately when he was a teenager in 2015, and it caused TLC to cancel the show.Now sure, TLC canceled the show, and that seems like the responsible thing to do, but the train is not at the end of the line by a long shot. Hop over to Cheer Perfection, a show about overbearing parents who lack basic humanity and hound their children at cheerleading competitions. In 2014, Andrea Clevenger, a mother from the show, was sentenced to two ten year terms in prison for sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy.Somehow this kind of thing even tainted Cake Boss. Which, you know, is a goddamn show about making cake. The only thing less offensive should be Bob Ross painting mayonnaise. Nonetheless, Bally HERCULES X FUNK one of the show's stars, Remy Gonzalez, brother in law of the Boss of Cake himself, was sentenced in 2012 to nine years for molesting a 13 year old girl.Whatever you may think of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo whether you thought it was hot trash on a griddle or whether you inexplicably thought it somehow had redeemed all of reality television at one point you couldn't have known the depths to which the mom on that show would have sunk. In this shitshow, Mama June rekindled a relationship with a man who just got out of prison. He'd spent ten years behind bars for molesting a child. That child was Mama June's oldest daughter. Say it with me: What the fuckity fuck? The goblin matriarch tried to deny she had hooked up with the man who had been convicted of molesting her child, but TMZ had caught that shit on camera. That resulted in the estrangement between June and her now twice victimized daughter, because of course it did. But it was par for the course for TLC, Bally Signs TLC Shows Have Gone From Stupid To Evil which simply canceled the show in 2014 and moved on.Former Amish returner Jeremiah Raber from Return To Amish was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2017. The man actually scalded his wife with a hot coffee during an argument, which is some fully medieval shit to do to another human. Raber's wife said abuse was a daily routine and Raber himself would apologize on Facebook a couple of days later. The apology includes the line "I learned that she didn't deserve my poor behavior." He learned that. About throwing hot coffee on someone. Like it's algebra.I guess if you want the full parade of lunacy from TLC, though, you're going to want to hit up Gypsy Sisters. One of the titular sisters got into an argument with her husband in 2015, and he picked up their puppy and threw it at a wall out of frustration. Ya know, maybe we should focus on correcting the behavior of awful people, instead of pointing cameras at them and hoping that you get more laughs than fucking puppy murder. Shopping Bally With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo #bally #yupoo bally #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector